What is Dermaroller and how is it going to improve my skin? This is a question I’m asked on a daily basis.

I agree, when you first see the Dermaroller, it’s not the most pleasant looking device! It consists of a small hand held instrument with ‘micro-needles’ on a wheel, which are designed to maneuver over the skin and cause slight ‘damage’, which then prompts the skin to heal itself. It’s this extra activity and healing which gives improved skin texture and stimulates collagen! The needles penetrate into the dermis to around 1.0 to 1.5 mm which does lead to a small amount of bleeding, but don’t worry, it’s minimal and dries on the surface of the epidermis immediately.

Before the treatment begins, a topical anaesthetic in the form of a cream is applied to this skin so that only slight pressure is felt during the Dermaroller. This is left on the skin for a certain amount of time, until it’s taken full effect. Then the treatment begins and it really is just a case of lying on the couch and relaxing whilst I work! Once all the tiny needles have passed over the skin you may resemble a tomato for a couple of hours but that’s great, this is the blood. As I mentioned earlier, the inflammatory response is what we want; as this is how new collagen is produced. Following the full healing process, fine lines become reduced, acne scars disappear and the skin becomes smoother and rejuvenated. I recommend to my clients that an average of about 3 treatments is the ideal to obtain the best results, but if you simply wanted to try one treatment you would notice a difference, just not as drastic.

This treatment genuinely isn’t anywhere near as painful as it sounds, and the results are definitely worth it! I love my Dermaroller treatments, and even managed to take a picture half way through my last one to share with you all!

If you’re still unsure whether or not Dermaroller is the right treatment for you, or simply want to come and see me for a consultation about your skin then I’d love to see you –just call the clinic on 01257 367460 and we can arrange an appointment!

Laura @ RejuvaMed