If you have active acne, or scarring from previous flare-ups it can greatly affect your confidence.

If you’re looking to treat your skin and start afresh there are so many treatments and products available on the market – so which do you choose?

There’s no right answer really. Acne has many causes ranging from hormonal through to environmental. Your skin will always tell a story, whether it be that you’re dehydrated, stressed, lacking sleep or simply not getting enough nutrition.

Here at RejuvaMed we have a number of treatments which can help.

Prescription based skincare

For active acne, we have ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical products, which contain active ingredients potent enough to keep those spots at bay and banish inflammation. The products are able to travel deep within the skin, deeper than those which you can buy over the counter, and once there they stimulate cells, activate collagen and generally give those over-active sebum glands a good talking to!

HydraFacial for Problem Skin

We also have HydraFacial treatments suitable for problem skin. Each treatment in a course of six include a GlySal peel, (Glycolic and Salicylic) which is then increased in strength once the skin is able to tolerate it. We would start with a 7.5% solution in your first HydraFacial, gradually increasing over time to 15%, and then 30% strength. The final stage of your HydraFacial treatment will be LED therapy, but instead of using red LED to stimulate collagen as we would in the standard treatment, we would use blue LED light, which kills the p-bacteria within the skin which is known to cause acne.HydraFacial clears away all dead skin, and has a vacuum which removes blackheads and debris from the pores.

ZO Ossential Skin Peels

We also have skin peel treatments from the ZO Skin Health range. Our peels can be tailored to suit any skin type, and are what’s known as “lunchtime peels”, meaning that there’s minimal to no peeling or flaking afterwards, as the skin is given a deep exfoliation prior to peel application. For acne prone skin we would also combine a sulphur masque treatment with the peel. The Sulphur Masque cleanses deep within the pores, and absorbs excess oil.

Acne Scarring Treatments

Prescription based skincare

If it’s scarring you’re worried about, we have two treatment options. Again, you could use the ZO Medical or ZO Skin Health products at home, which would be prescribed to you by Dr McKeating. The potent ingredients help to stimulate cell turnover, which means your skin will peel and flake over time, but also that new, fresh and collagen-rich skin will be revealed.


The other alternative would be a course of 3-4 Dermaroller treatments. Dermaroller works by causing “damage” to the skin, which in turn actives your skins natural healing abilities, kick-starts collagen production and therefore reveals smoother and healthier skin following the healing process. Although the idea of having tiny needles rolled over the skin isn’t to everyone’s taste, it really isn’t as you would imagine! Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin before the treatment, and afterwards you will be red and need to avoid make-up and direct sunlight, but mineral make-up is available from the clinic which is suitable and safe to use following your treatment, and good high-quality SPFs!

Want to know more?

If you would like to book a free consultation we would be delighted to see you. We want everyone to feel comfortable in, and love their own skin! Free consultations are available with both our Aestheticians, Zoe and Laura, and with Dr McKeating. We are situated in Chorley, Lancashire, and are easily accessible for clients travelling from Leyland, Preston, Bolton, Wigan and Manchester. To book simply call 01257 367460.