Elipse Gastric Balloon Treatments

The Elipse Gastric Balloon program helps you lose weight by limiting the amount you can eat and by suppressing your appetite. This is the first gastric balloon which requires no surgery, anaesthesia or endoscopy. Patients lose an average of 10-15 Kg (2 -2.5 stone) over the 6-month program, and the majority maintain significant weight loss 1 year after starting on the program.

Our Elipse Gastric Balloon Treatment:

How Elipse Gastric Balloon Works

The Elipse Balloon comes in a small capsule which is attached to a thin tube. The capsule is swallowed by the patient, and x-ray imaging is used to ensure the balloon is in the correct place in the stomach, before it is inflated with fluid. The thin filling tube is then gently removed leaving the balloon in the stomach. The balloon remains in the stomach for around 4 months, before part of the balloon dissolves. It then empties of fluid and passes naturally through the body.

An Overview of the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Program

Swallowing the Elipse Balloon on Placement Day

Frequently Asked Questions on The Elipse Gastric Balloon program:

We aim to answer all your questions before your treatment.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or book a consultation to discuss your personalised treatment.

What will happen when the Elipse Gastric Balloon is in place?

Initially for the first couple of days patients drink liquids only and then move to solid foods once they feel able and comfortable. The Elipse balloon helps to make you feel fuller, suppressing the appetite and therefore only requiring smaller portions of food. In order to achieve the best possible results patients will be supported throughout the treatment programme by a dietician who will give advice about following a healthy, balanced diet, mindful eating and changing food habits. Patients are provided with their own “smart” scales to use at home. These link to an app by Bluetooth and allow progress to be monitored in real-time.

Who is the Elipse Gastric Balloon for?

The Elipse Gastric Balloon is suitable for those with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 27-40, and is designed to kick-start weight-loss progress, and should be used alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, such as taking more exercise. The Elipse program is a solution for those who struggle to lose weight but requires a full commitment to making these lifestyle changes in order to achieve the best possible results and a permanent change to health. 

Unlike a traditional gastric band, the Elipse does not require risky surgery or anaesthetic – and is half the price! 

A full consultation with Dr Grant McKeating is required to assess patient’s suitability for treatment.

Where will my treatment take place?

A consultation will take place at our CQC registered slimming clinic in Clitheroe. The balloon will be inserted during a brief visit to the X-ray suite at BMI Bearwood Hospital, Blackburn. Dietician support sessions will be via apps such as Skype to reduce the need to travel.

What if I struggle to swallow the capsule?

Some patients may find it a little difficult to swallow the capsule. Dr Grant will then assist the patient with special techniques. There hasn’t been a patient in the UK up until now who has failed to swallow the capsule.

Can I spread the cost?

We offer an interest-free credit facility via our partner Braemar Finance, where payment may be spread interest-free over 10 months, with just a small deposit. This is subject to credit checks.

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