The Sun launched its “Had Our Fill” campaign this week.

For those who haven’t seen it the link to the full article is shared below – however to summarise, it’s about:

1. Clamping down on aesthetics treatments for those who are under the age of 18 (we’d never treat anyone below that age- and to be honest we can’t think of a medically-led clinic who would – but unfortunately some people do it!)

2. A crackdown on social media sites plugging dermal fillers (as this market is completely unregulated, and your plumber could do your lips for you if you wanted him to) – so that those repeatedly and persistently advertising these treatments as though they’re as standard and normal as getting your highlights done would ‘hopefully’ not be able to do so in future – as a cosmetic procedure is STILL a cosmetic PROCEDURE

3. Having a government-backed central register for practitioners with accredited qualifications – as mentioned above, ANYONE can inject dermal fillers – and botulinum toxin too as it happens – although they do need to have someone to prescribe the toxin for them in the first place (which is just too scary when you think about it!!)

As you can imagine, we’re all completely backing this campaign at RejuvaMed. Everyone should be SAFE, visiting practitioners who yes, will turn you away if you’re under 18, and may even still turn you away if you’re older if the treatment isn’t right for you, visiting practitioners who see these treatments as MEDICAL treatments and treat you accordingly and be able to manage any complications, and who also will be registered on any government-backed central register so you know you’re seeing someone with the right qualifications to look after you should anything go wrong!

It’s always fun and games and an ‘absolute bargain’ until something goes wrong, and at that stage those treated by non-medics will need those with medical qualifications to try and save their face. What price tag would you put on YOUR face?