Micoblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a semi permanent way of introducing pigment
into the epidermis of the skin. A sterile individually wrapped hand tool and blade are the therapists weapons of
choice, and the correct colour for you will be discussed and agreed with you and your therapist. There are vast
amounts of pigment shades to choose from ~ those with a warm skin colour can opt for a cooler pigment
allowing the skin tone to shine through. The colour of pigment used should generally be as close to your
natural brow hair as possible to give a more natural appearance. Once the area is cleansed the
drawing can commence. Your brow artist will use tools to determine your most natural brow shape. Panic
can set in once you see your stencil on the skin, but don’t worry as this is not how your brow will be once

Each individual stroke made with the blade during the treatment gives the appearance of a fine hair, and the stencil is used to create the perfect brow shape.¬†During the treatment you can expect to feel a bit of a scratch and slight pressure, but it is a comfortable treatment, and numbing cream is applied beforehand. Once all the strokes are applied to the skin both eyebrows are soaked with pigment which is left for around 10 minutes, and this allows the colour to take hold. When this excess pigment is wiped off you are left with your new “wow” brow! To complete your treatment it is recommended that you have a top up around 4-5 weeks after, and follow treatment aftercare provided correctly to obtain the full effect.

Microblading treatments are available at our Chorley clinic with Laura, one of our talented aestheticians. Consultations and patch tests prior to treatment are also free of charge!