A side view of a recent 3D HIFU non-surgical face lift performed at RejuvaMed!

We’ve circled the key points in this image, as these are crucial lift points! When patients come to us with a loss of facial volume they often point to the lower face and jowls, where skin laxity can visibly be seen. BUT in aesthetics we know that that actually, work needs to be done much higher in the face to support the skin! Giving a supportive lift in the cheekbones and above with HIFU (or dermal filler) will not only give you your cheekbones back, but will also bring up the laxer skin below – and as the HIFU treats that skin too and tightens it with natural collagen production – your jawline is also enhanced!

This patients whole side profile was transformed in just ONE treatment session!

3D-HIFU results can be seen within 12 weeks after treatment and can last for up to 18 months giving you a subtly rejuvenated lift which looks completely natural!

To book a consultation with Dr Grant to discuss a 3D-HIFU non-surgical facelift simply call your nearest clinic direct on Clitheroe: 01200 538668 / Chorley: 01257 367460 or alternatively send us an email