Non surgical skin lifting has become one of the most sought after treatments in the aesthetics industry. 3D HIFU is one of the most amazing lifting, slimming and tightening skin treatments available. Clients at RejuvaMed are benefiting from this non invasive, one-off treatment to have firmer, tighter, more youthful looking skin which can work on targeted areas such as the forehead, brow, eyes, cheeks, jowl and neck area.

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is a non surgical alternative for a face lift procedure, which stimulates the formation of new collagen within the deep layers of the skin. The ultrasound waves from the HIFU handpiece penetrate the SMAS layer (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) within the skin which is the targeted layer in which a surgical face lift is carried out. The HIFU handpiece is placed on the skin and held in one area at a time. A slight vibration and warmth can be felt whilst the energy penetrates in the skin before the handpiece is then moved on the next area of treatment. The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at three different selected depths which a wound healing response results in the promotion of healing, immediate contraction and the formation of new collagen, thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin on the face and neck.

Generally a noticeable improvement in your facial contouring, fine lines and wrinkles will generally be visible within a 4 week period following treatment, whilst further improvement in wrinkles and facial skin tightening may be seen up to 12 weeks post treatment as collagen is renewed within the skin.

A consultation with Dr McKeating is required prior to treatment in order to assess the areas of concern and a patch test will also be required.

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