Here are some simple steps to help keep your skin & lips hydrated this autumn:

🍂 Drink plenty of water – try for 2 litres a day! This sounds like an obvious one – but let’s face it, when it’s cooler we often prefer to drink tea and coffee to warm us up, but water is still the best option for your skin.
🍂 Wear an SPF every day – even in cloudy weather! If you have one which also protects against HEV like the one’s in our ZO range that’s best as this helps to protect against light from smart-phones, computers and tablets!
🍂 Use a Humidifier – with the central heating now back in action the air can be quite dry and skin-unfriendly – a humidifier will add moisture to the air in your home which can help to keep skin comfortable and hydrated, and it’s also a great help with sore throats and dry noses when your sick!
🍂 Have a facial at least once a month to help exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe and for better absorption of your skincare products.
🍂 Try a Perk Lips treatment to exfoliate dead skin from the lips and re-hydrate them – you also get to take the same vial of serum home to re-apply as and when needed to keep your lips hydrated!