The new “HydraPlaning Facial” is our ‘treatment of the month’ available at both clinics on offer for July! This new facial consists of a dermaplaning treatment followed by a HydraFacial Express (missing the lymphatic drainage step as the oil required for this stage can clog the pores on your freshly dermaplaned skin) and finishes with an Opera LED mask for collagen stimulation.

Why do love it?

We all know that the HydraFacial is a facial designed to optimise skin health and give your skin a thorough ‘deep clean’ (always ask to see your “gunkie tank” afterwards so you can see exactly what we’ve extracted from your skin!) whilst supplying it with nourishing hydrating serums and the nutrients that it needs.
Having a dermaplaning treatment prior to your HydraFacial will allow the serums used in the HydraFacial treatment to penetrate the skin deeper (as the uppermost layer of dead skin cells have already been removed along with the fine vellus hair – peach fuzz – which can trap dirt and skin oils close to the surface of the skin).

We then follow these two treatments with the Opera LED Mask (so called because it’s very “phantom of the opera” – with benefits!) The Opera LED mask has 3 LED lightwave functions which are proven to benefit the skin. Red LED light can improve collagen production, blue LED light can help to destroy the pBacteria on the skin which is known to cause acne and the Pink LED light helps to calm red and irritated skin. Your aesthetician will choose the appropriate LED light to optimise your treatment results dependant on your skin type!

In total this treatment package combined is worth £190, however for the month of July it is available for £130 (saving a total of £60)!

If you would like to book in for our new  HydraPlaning Facial or would like more information about this treatment, please contact the clinic by either emailing  or calling your nearest clinic on:
Chorley – 01257 367460 / Clitheroe – 01200 538668.